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BellSensing®.jpgBell Sensing Technologies is a division of Bell Laboratories that develops and supports a technology platform for iQ® products. This technology is built around a proprietary app and portal that communicates with iQ® products by gathering, storing and reporting on the rodent activity occurring at an account.

Using Bell Sensing Technology, pest control managers will now be able to know everything about the rodent activity occurring at their accounts. When, where, and how much activity will no longer be based upon an ‘educated guess’. It will now be known in extreme detail and will automatically be collected and archived to provide trend analysis and proof of the efficacy of a service. This information provides technicians the ability to know in real time where hot spots are occurring so more time can be spent addressing problem areas. Thus, allowing every technician to be more effective and valuable.

All iQ® products utilize the Bell Sensing Technologies platform and are supported by dedicated sales and technical personnel.