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Mouse iQ


Bell’s Mouse snap trap now comes with an incredible new feature, sensing technology. Technicians will now be able to place  Mouse® iQTM traps in hard-to-reach locations and know without having to get a ladder whether there is a capture or not. 

Each Mouse® iQ rat trap comes with a detachable base with a fully integrated battery, proprietary sensor and antenna, that is water and weather-proof. The sensors collect timestamps of rodent activity and communicate via Bluetooth® technology to the Bell Sensing App when technicians are on site doing their service. Knowing exactly when and where rodents are most active at the account will help PMPs to work smarter at their accounts. Once PMPs are on-site, they will know which traps need to be serviced, saving time and limiting disturbances for their customer.

  • Sensitive & durable mouse trap with sensor
  • Base separates and traps can be replaced if necessary
  • Never check an empty trap again
  • Check traps without access
  • Goodbye ladders, crawlspaces, attics & ceilings until there is a verified catch
  • Simple to use: Catch or No Catch